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RK2100 and TM21
From Mai Collection

Dress style RK2100 is a fun and adventurous design with its blend of fixed criss-cross lace topped with the free and organic vines which wrap around it; all in a clear sequin embellishment that glimmer playfully with every movement.

We have teamed this unlined dress with a Skin Tonal Matching slip dress, TM21, which has been matched to the model's own skin tone to create the illusion of an unlined finish. 

This Skin Tonal Matching service is one that we can apply to all our designs and incorporate as part of the gown construction, not necessarily as separate slip dress. We have many Shades of Nude samples and we are confident to find the perfect match to every individual client we design for.

Click here for the bespoke accessories used in this look.

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