Rasha Answers your most Frequently Asked Questions

What is your order timeline?

I recommend 5 to 8 months from initial consultation to collecting your completed piece. 5-6 months timeline is usually sufficient, however, if you are looking to have a design with plenty of embellishment, then please get in touch 8 months before your wedding date. If your wedding is less than 5 months away, please do get in touch as I may still be able to fit you in.

Can I try dresses on at your Studio?

Sure you can. My latest collection samples are always available to try on or use as inspiration for your own design; it is a good way to establish your preferred silhouette or have a play around with the feel and weight of each piece.

Can I bring someone with me?

Absolutely. In fact, I strongly encourage it. Having someone, who knows you well, with you during those wedding planning aspects can help you navigate through, what can sometimes be, an overwhelming process. Their opinion is usually a valuable one in helping you stay true to your own style. Also, it is always so much more fun to share these exciting experiences together. I am always happy to welcome your family and friends at my studio, during consultations and fittings, as I find they play a role in shaping the design that I create for you and it makes the creative process that little bit more interesting.

What if I can't picture my dream wedding look, is bespoke still for me?

Your wedding day look is one of the biggest areas of wedding planning, so I can understand what a tough decision it must be to opt for a bespoke design which you may not have tried on before you pay for that deposit. As a Couturier, I actually believe bespoke wear is the way forward (I may be a little biased but hear me out).. For such an important event I simply want all my clients to look the best version of themselves for their big day, which is exactly what bespoke designing does. As a designer I have honed my skills in understanding each individual's style through the design process which I always stay true to when designing for that individual. After the first consultation I normally would have a clear idea of what you like/ don't like, what your inspirations are, a little of your personality and style and quite a lot about your wedding theme/ plans (my favourite topic of conversation). I use all this information to create a selection of designs that we work through togther to perfection, taking into account the made-to-measure fit and making it as flattering and comfortable for you as possible. Your bespoke design will never be replicated and it will be unique only to you. (click here to find out more about the design process). To ensure you that added security and peace of mind, I will not require you to financially commit untill after the first fitting when you are 100% happy and confident to proceed.

Can I make changes after the design has been finalised?

The lovely thing about a bespoke design is that it allows for a fluid working environment. I account for changes during fittings as often we add or remove certain details, perhaps a change in neckline or sleeve, these can be pretty standard. My focus is always to create a design that you are totally in love with and represents you in the best way possible.

Do you do alterations?

I'm afraid I do not offer an alterations service. I feel that altering a wedding gown after it has been constructed can make it lose a little of its original design essence. However, I can use heirloom pieces/ vintage gowns to incorporate some of their detail or material in your own custom-made look which is a great way of combining tradition and modernity.

I found a design I like, can you replicate it?

Replicating another designer's work is an infringement on their design copyright which is illegal. What I can offer you instead is to use the style you like as inspiration to create your own made-to-measure design that will have all the details you love and it will enhance your shape in the best way possible.

Do you do Accessories?

I do. Veils, Tiaras, Hair Pieces, Vines, Bridal Belts, Sashes, Capes, Cover-ups, Jackets, Garters etc. (click here for more info) There are no limits to the design options which can be created, the process is always fun and allows you to experiment with different looks. I have a system which helps guide you through the process, samples and mock-ups will be created for you to choose from as well as your own personalised embellishment designs where needed. Having your accessories created in-house is a great way of creating a full and cohesive wedding look, eliminating the need of shopping around for suitable accessories to your attire. I can also create your bridesmaid/ bridesmate's accessories which can co-ordinate with your own pieces.

What if my body changes?

Many of the brides that I meet tell me that they would like to lose a little weight, so I make sure to arrange the final fitting around 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. The fittings are there to cater for any changes necessary and adjust the fit accordingly. I have even designed a wedding maternity gown before where the design needed to allow for growth. Always speak to me about any concerns or questions you may have as there are many options that I can utilise to create your dream look the way you would like it to be.

Is it expensive?

Couture tends to be synonymous with celebrities and Haute Couture design houses that are very expensive, which is why I hear this question often. I believe Couture should be made available to anyone who wants it and my pricing structure reflects that. How much a piece costs will depend on a number of factors, but mostly the type of materials you choose and the time needed to create your design (the more embellishments, the longer it will take). My client spend so far has mostly been between £1,500 to £2,500 for a full look, which includes accessories. Bridesmaid looks are between £200 to £300 per piece. When a customer approaches me with a set budget I always stay within that budget but keep the same quality and workmanship that goes into each creation. Always feel free to contact me with queries you may have and I will give you honest and open advice on what I can create for you.

Do you only design dresses?

The wonderful thing about a bespoke design is that you can be adventurous and creative when you want to be. My latest collection (see here) is a Bridal Separates collection which can be used to mix and match or build different design pieces onto each other. If you were looking for a Trouser Suit for your wedding look, then that is what I can design for you. A short dress, a catsuit or something alternative.. It is all possible in the world of couture. Talk to me about your ideas and I will combine them into a perfect design that reflects your personality and style for your wedding day.

Are you open during the Covid-19 Lockdown situation?

In these strange and unprecedented times, we have put many precausions in place to protect all who visit Rasha Kashou Couture, ensuring we are Covid-safe. Currently, we are closed as per guidelines, however, working remotely we are able to take virtual/telephone consultations. Once open, normal consultation and fitting appointments will resume. These will always be done privately, so you would have the space all to yourself, then a deep clean would be conducted. At the moment, we will only be booking one appointment per day, allowing enough time with each client and a thorough clean before and after. We request that when attending, this should only be done with one other member of the same household/ support bubble. We understand the limitations this can create and we will continue to review these policies alongside government guidelines. Should a member of your small party be vulnerable and unable to attend, we have ways of connecting them to your appointment virtually; or if you prefer to have a virtual or telephone consultation for yourself first, we are very happy to oblige. Otherwise you can simply fill out our enquiry form here. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where you will find me under the handle RashaKashou

Do you offer Payment Plans?

I appreciate that everybody's situation is different so I try to be as accommodating as I can be. Some clients may prefer to pay a small set amount per month, others may want to save a little and pay as and when they can. Once you have had your first fitting, you know the design you would be getting and you are happy to proceed, a 30% deposit would be required, we will then work togther to find a suitable financial plan that works for you. When the balance is paid in full you can then collect or have the product posted to you.

are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

I am a strong believer in inclusivity and ensuring my studio is a safe space for all. So yes, absolutely everyone from LGBTQ+ community is welcome. I design and make bespoke looks for my clients no matter their shape and that applies to all as standard. #YouDontNeedToAskHere

Is your place accessible?

Yes I welcome everyone into my studio including those with limited mobility or are wheelchair users.

What is your environmental impact?

We all know how the fast fashion world is a massive contributor to polluting the environment. Generally speaking the actual format of couture design lends itself to being a - so much more - environmentally friendly process by default as there is less waste when creating for individuals than to mass produce. However, being environmentally conscious, we did not stop at that and we have established a process that creates even less waste and carbon footprint that will hopefully align with our client's environmental ethics and core values. It's the little extras such as buying from national suppliers, eradicating the carbon footprint to almost zero and using responsibly sourced materials and eco-fabrics as much as possible. You can find some of these eco-fabric designs in my Mai Collection.

Why is there no prices listed on your website?

My collection pieces and designs are there to provide an instight into my style, quality & workmanship and to provide ideas or inspiration for the look I would eventually design for you. Being solely a bespoke designer, as opposed to a ready-to-wear designer, many pricing elements are dependant on the materials chosen for each piece and the time it takes to create your look, all of which greatly affect the final price of the end product. Therefore, putting actual prices on the items displayed on my website may not be a true indicator of the actual cost to the client (it may be a little less or a little more). Saying that, if you fall in love with one of my collection pieces, exactly as it is, I can happilty provide a price for it on enquiry. Or if you would like a quick estimate to a particular style you are after, again I would be able to provide you with a ball park estimate quite quickly. For more information on prices, please check the above question 'Is it expensive?'

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