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Rasha Kashou is expanding. And we're very excited!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? So, I’m finally back from an (unintentionally) long break from social media, but that does not mean I have been putting my feet up! On the contrary, I have in fact been busier than ever as the company started evolving, adapting, expanding and changing in a number of ways (all will be explained as you read on).

As we all know, the dreaded ‘C’ word with its pandemic and its effects on the wedding industry had some lasting impact on many businesses (we all felt it so I won’t bang on about it), but I briefly mention it as it made me want to re-evaluate my business and see what else I could do to offer my clients even more options.

Let me jump straight into what these changes are:

Name change

We were known as Rasha Kashou Couture, but the company name has changed slightly to accommodate all the new developments (explained below) and we are now Rasha Kashou Studio.

The Unit

This part of the story is the main reason why this social media absence took as long as it did. I wanted to find a new home for Rasha Kashou, one that offers a bigger space and a better setting, so I started my search back in 2019. I was not in a rush at that point as I really wanted to find the right type of space, not just any space will do. Then 2020 came along and the search went on to the back burner.

In January 2022 I found a wonderful unit that required a little bit of work, (not something I shy away from), so I confirmed my interest in the space and put in my offer to the agents.

8 months went by with a lot of going back and forth between myself and the landlord (who decided to change the terms on me, twice, after I made the offer to lease); however, the final nail in the coffin was set when they took a U-turn in making reasonable changes to the unit to allow for wheelchair accessibility, an area that was non-negotiable for me. This became a long and complicated story that I will not bore you with; but the end result became that it was better for me to walk away and search elsewhere. I am only telling you this part of my story to better explain why I had been away so long. I wanted to return with a bang in a post that tells you about all the wonderful changes, but months were passing by with little news.

I then began the search again and I was fortunate to find Lower Farm Barns in Bucknell. A beautiful selection of converted barns surrounded by farms, (as you drive in you’ll most likely be greeted by the Alpacas in their own little enclosed space), a lovely community of other small businesses and the best landlords you could wish for. After three months of solicitors doing their thing, I had the keys in my hands in Dec 2022. One month and a half of solid hard work ensued to design and create a beautiful and cosy space for all my clients and their friends and family to relax in whilst shopping for their special gowns.

I am SO very excited to tell you that the Studio is now open for appointments.

Designer Brands

What is new at the Studio? I hear you ask! Well, part of the new services I will be offering all our new clients is the option of ordering other designer brands at the Studio, alongside my own bespoke brand, Rasha Kashou Couture.

You all know by now how important it is for me to support small/ national businesses. I believe it is the best way of supporting our British economy especially when it comes to the wedding industry. This is an ethos I have implemented in my business from its inception, and I wanted to carry it through to the brands I chose to partner with. From there, I spoke with a few British bridal wear brands and went on the fun activity of designer shopping for my studio (can’t really complain there, I loved it!)

I found myself speaking to Maria, the designer to the gorgeous brand GAIA Bridal. We connected and the whole team was just wonderful. They had the same focus as me which is to create products that work for the brides with excellent customer service, not to mention, their designs are simply stunning! I feel truly proud to stock GAIA Bridal alongside my own designs.

Their latest designs from their 2023 collection (and a few from their 2022 collection) are now available to try on in store.

What makes us different?

Where bridal wear shopping is concerned, I have tried to adapt our offerings in a way that provides you, the client, with a complete shopping experience when searching for your special gown. Having a ready to order brand such as GAIA and the Rasha Kashou Couture bespoke range together makes us different as flexibility and customisations become so much more possible.

For example, if, whilst at your private appointment, you try on a number of styles and silhouettes; you find yourself drawn to a detail from one design and the silhouette from another, that’s where our custom expertise comes into play as we can combine these elements to create your own unique design.

The option of ordering cohesive accessories that play an important supporting role to your final look is also there. It eliminates the need to search elsewhere for a design that will compliment the dress you fall in love with.

Even your bridesmaids can also stand out in their own unique way, whatever age they are, designs can be made to represent your wedding theme, colour and style to complete your bridal party image, for these all-important wedding photos.

Of course, you can still come in for your original bespoke Rasha Kashou Couture bridal design; where the patterns are 100% made-to-measure with luxury fabrics and high quality workmanship. We are the place to be when your standard bridal wear shops do not offer styles that represent you, be it a unique colour dress, a unique design (maybe a bridal suit?) or simple, the sample sizes do not work for you. Rasha Kashou Studio is the place that sees you and designs accordingly – for you!


Look out for the upcoming accessory range, by Rasha Kashou, that will be released in 2023. Staying true to brand, there will be plenty of unique, quirky and wonderfully playful designs coming your way.

Of course, you don’t have to wait with any enquiries you may have, you can reach out and chat to me via telephone or send me a WhatsApp message on 07460 120 957, email, social media (search Rasha Kashou) or through the enquiry form in my website

Or you can simply book your private appointment (yes, the whole studio will be reserved just for you and your friends and family once you book) by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button in the above website.

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