The Rasha Kashou Bespoke Design Service ensures that every aspect of your bridal design is unique only to you, a one-of-a-kind; every piece will be cut to your own measured specification and fit your own vision, style and personality.

When it comes to designing your own bridal look, the sky really is the limit; there are so many things which can be created and customised to make your final look perfect for your big day.

At Rasha Kashou we also offer a skin tonal matching service for those illusion tulle designs. We will match the right colour tulle to your skin tone, perfectly maximising the design detail where illusion tulle is meant to disappear against your skin once worn.


Rasha will also design and customise all your bridal accessories helping you create a full cohesive and complimentary look.

Other services include a full colour study and made-to-measure designs for your bridesmaids.

The Process

Through years of design experience, Rasha has honed her design process to one which will make it seamless, clear and an "Oh-so" enjoyable one for all her clients. Having worked with women of all differing styles and shapes, ones who have never had a made-to-measure design before as well as ones who tend to thrive in this creative process, she has established a method that enables you to envisage and feel what your bridal look will be like, ensuring you are happy throughout the process.

Consultation: This is the first stage where a free consultation (as many as needed) can be arranged to discuss your wedding ideas, go through design options (you may like to try on some of the latest collection pieces), look at material samples and take your measurements.

Fittings: Once a design has been established, a Toile (a cotton mock-up) will be made from your measurements and used to create your design on your first fitting. Usually 3 dress fittings are required to achieve a perfect fit before your actual dress fabric is cut and your gown is created from your bespoke pattern pieces.

Collection: Once your dress is complete you are welcome to have one final trial and collect your gown or postal arrangements can be made.

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Bespoke Design Service

By Appointment only. Contact us at:  .  01869323617